Friday, September 4, 2009

CANADA StockMarket

Canada's New Stock Exchange, known as CNSX, is an alternative stock exchange in Canada. The CNSX offers simplified reporting requirements and reduced barriers to listing. It is an alternative for microcap and emerging companies. It had been known as CNQ until the organization re-branded itself in November, 2008.
The CNSX is located in Toronto, Canada and maintains a branch office in Vancouver. Responding to the consolidation of stock exchanges in Canada, CNSX's founders identified the need for a low cost, streamlined stock exchange – with an extremely high standard of disclosure. CNSX's unique market model matches enhanced disclosure and streamlined issuer regulation with leading edge technology to meet the needs and characteristics of emerging companies, their investors and investment dealers. This model, combined with comprehensive regulatory oversight, provides an efficient new marketplace that fosters integrity, transparency and liquidity for trading equity securities.

Here is the information just to know the trading basics.
New Issuers: The web site makes it very easy for emerging companies to apply to CNSX. All the necessary Issuer forms and regulatory documents are available, for downloading in PDF format, from the site’s Issuer Info area. And consistent with our principles of openness and disclosure, all CNSX Issuer Policies are easily accessible, and downloadable, in PDF format. These Policies are designed to facilitate the ability of small-cap companies to list their securities for trading on CNSX's stock exchange. We have avoided unnecessary and overly burdensome requirements which, for many companies, can be a real impediment to conducting their own business. Once approved for listing on CNSX, all Issuers have direct access to manage their company web page in the Disclosure Hall through the use of a secure extranet service. For example, Issuers maintain an updated list of press releases, media announcements, capitalization info, etc. through their extranet connection.

Dealers: Investment dealers assisted in the development of the CNSX Trading Rules and the opportunities CNSX's market model provides for Market Makers. Market Makers are authorized dealers who are required to maintain liquidity by entering bids and offers for designated securities, to facilitate a continuous two-sided market. In this hybrid market model all orders are entered into a central limit order book for execution by the automated trading system.
CNSX’s trading rules and operational procedures are designed to ensure full price and time priority. In addition Market Makers receive order flow from non market makers and their clients, concentrating the available liquidity to facilitate active trading of junior stocks.
CNSX Approved Traders may apply to CNSX to become a Market Maker for any number of CNSX Issuer securities. Simply download the PDF Application and send it in; in most cases applications for Market Maker will be processed within 24 hours.

Investors:Investors and other interested members of the general public will appreciate the enhanced disclosure provided by Issuers as well as the functionality and capabilities provided by
Investors are able to follow their CNSX investments directly online through the Trading Summaries on the Home Page, or in the Market Activity area of the CNSX web site. Also, a stock search, by name or symbol, is easily accessible from any page on the web site. Users will also appreciate the Investor Info area of the site. This area is divided into three sections: Glossary of Terms; Investment Risk; Investor Education.

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